Welcome to Gingham! 

Located in Chatham, NJ, we are a non-profit school for children ages 2 - 6. Now in our twenty-eighth year, Gingham continues to serve our community by providing play-based learning combined with academics offered in a nurturing environment. We boast a fantastic student-teacher ratio, a director certified in special education, and a centrally located, beautiful facility ideal for little learners in Chatham and surrounding towns. 

Our Mission 

Our primary goal is to ensure that each child develops confidence in his/her abilities and is prepared for Kindergarten and beyond. Positive self-esteem enables children to explore and experiment. With guidance, encouragement and lots of praise, a strong link to learning will result.

We continue to evolve our programs to meet the growing needs of parents and children. Whether you need an early drop off due to your work schedule, or an after school activity for your active child, Gingham works to ensure each student's needs are met and parental expectations are exceeded. 

The Gingham Giraffe Preschool

234 Southern Boulevard 

Chatham, NJ 07928