Kindergarten Enrichment 

The Gingham Giraffe’s Enrichment program seeks to supplement - and complement! - the current NJ Core Curriculum Standards. Our focus is on cooperative learning, organization and independence, creative activities, and socialization during lunch. All children bring a lunch from home (optional FunLunch Wed) and curb service is provided. Carpooling is encouraged!

Units of study include:

  • Geography - Maps, Directions; The World: Continents and Oceans

  • Culture - The World’s Countries and Their People

  • Geology - Inside The Earth: Rocks, Volcanoes, and Wild Weather

  • Practical Math - Time, Money, and Fractions 

  • Art of The Masters - Learning from and Emulating History’s Most Famous Artists

Introduction of new vocabulary, repetition of phonics and sight words reinforce decoding and reading skills. Manipulatives, media and technology are incorporated into the program to make it varied and exciting. Confidence and enthusiasm for learning are the goals of Enrichment at The Gingham Giraffe!

AM Session 8:45 - 11:30 AM (TWTh +M/F options)
PM Session 11:30 - 2:30 PM (TWTh + M option)

Interested in enrolling your child? Please contact us

Extend the Enrichment Year with two weeks of STEM! 
Morning Enrichment students may also attend June Day Camp.