Welcome to Gingham Calendars! Our calendars are designed to keep you informed of scheduled events for specific classes, extended day options as well as "extras" that might be helpful to add to your personal calendar at home. Scroll down to see calendars by age! These are updated monthly and change regularly. Check your child's bag as well as the newsletter for the most up to date information on all the fun things going on at Gingham! 
Calendar for 2's and 3's 
for 2+, Junior 3's, 3+, and 3G
Available Every Day
Mini Munchers  for 2's! Noon dismissal. 
3's may attend Stay & Play (until 1 PM) Stay & Play Plus (2:30 PM)
 or Stay & Play All Day (3:30 PM).
Calendar for 4's & 5's
for 4B, 4C & Junior Kindergarten
Available Every Day: 
Stay & Play (until 1 PM) Stay & Play Plus (2:30 PM) 
or Stay & Play All Day (3:30 PM).